Read here how we orginanise our trips

so you can make the most out of your holidays:

 Our team members meet every morning before the trip to get all the gear packed into our dive boxes. Shortly before 9:00 (shortly before 8:30 in Chiclana) the guests arrive and quickly check if everything they need is packed up. We take off at 9:00 (8:30 in Chiclana) and approximately arrive at our dive location at 9:30.

There we get our equipment ready and go onto the boat or straight on the first dive. After the dive, we swap the tanks and have a break for about an hour. After the second dive we head back to the diveshop, where we arrive at circa 15:00 Uhr (15:30 in Chiclana).

We wash the gear for you, so you are free to go and do whatever you feel like, have a beer at the bar or go and play golf ... ; -)