The Powerboat License

Minimum effort to make yourself legal

Nowadays police in all european countries is getting stricter and stricter, so driving your boat without a valid licence is not a good idea.

The Powerboat license entitles the holder to drive a motorboat with no HP limit and a maximal length of 10m during the day. It is the easiest and fastest way of learning how to drive a boat. It is a very practice oriented and interesting course, without long hours spent in a classroom, that gives you the confidence you need for driving a motorboat.

If you are already driving powerboats and have experience, make youself legal with a powerboat assessment: During this course we check your abilities on a boat and give you hints if necessary, that will help you on the water and in  the marina. Ask for our assessement conditions and which skills you will have to show on the boat. We will then send you a pdf with necessary skills and you can prepare yourself on your own boat.