The Dive Sites of Gibraltar


Gibraltar: Camp Bay
Depth: 6 - 20m

One of our most beautiful dive sites which is suitable for divers. There are 11 wrecks in the bay, all at least 20 years old and covered completly with algae, sponges and soft corals. Large schools of fish, octopuses, snails, and all types of lobsters and crabs are the residents of the wrecks

Gibraltar: Little Bay
Depth: 12 - 25m

500 m away from Camp Bay is Little Bay. In Little Bay there are three wrecks and there is a beautiful wall which has almost anything that can be found in the area. Apart from this in the PANICO there is a huge Lobster which  shows himself to the divers from now and then.

Gibraltar: SS Rosslyn
Depth: 22m

The Rosslyn is the most beautiful wreck of Gibraltar but you can dive it only if the customs of Gibraltar is in a good mood. 100m long, lying almost a hundred years in front of the southern pier, over times grew ​​beautiful, up to a meter-high sea fans that glow in all colors. Spectacular!

Gibraltar: SS Excellence

Depth: 23 - 28m

The Excellence is a large steel wreckage from the end of the 18th Century. The wreck lies on the deck and three large openings invite you to swim through. Because of the depth and strong currents for it is only recommended for experienced divers. Regarding the customs it is the same as above;-)

Gibraltar: Seven Sisters
Depth: 6 - 25m

The Seven Sisters are seven blocks that are beautifully covered. Large schools of fairy basslets bustle about and from time to time we see moray eels, conger eels, spider crab. At 20m there is another wreck, which sunk more recently.