The Dive Sites in the Bay of Algeciras


Algeciras Bay: The wreck of the "Green Beans"
Depth: 6 - 12 m

An easy dive site. The approximately 100 m long wreck is often flooded by sunbeams and the home of big shoals of fish

Algeciras Bay: Punta Carnero
Depth: 15 - 25 m

Punta Carnero is the eastern tip of the Bay of Algeciras. There we find very beautiful sea fans in all colors, moray eels, conger eels and octopuses

Algeciras Bay: Las Bajas
Depth: 17 - 52 m

Las Bajas is located 1.5 miles southwest of Isla de las Palomas in the open water and is recommended for experienced divers only because of the strong currents. However, they are rewarded with large shoals of fish and sometimes dolphins .

Algeciras Bay: La Perla
Depth: 4 - 28 m

La Perla is a large block, which reaches up to 4 m to the surface and was often a stumbling block for ships. Fantastic cover and great abundance of fish describe this spot. But this site is
because of the strong currents also only suitable for experienced divers.

Algeciras Bay: Isla de Las Palomas
Depth: 5 - 25 m

On the south side of Isla Paloma we find beautiful walls and great growth. Because of the proximity to the mainland, the currents are lower, so that even beginners can dive here.

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